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The Sourcing Process.

Hastings employs a bespoke talent attraction strategy spanning multiple online and offline channels. Where most agencies rely predominantly on Seek, LinkedIn, and their own database, Hastings has developed a highly-targeted advertising strategy to unearth both passive and active candidates, specific to the needs of your business.

Candidate Client Alignment

We are laser focused on ensuring that our candidates are aligned with your business. We have partnered with a leading Psychometric Testing resource to pre-assess candidates before they enter your business.

Test results provide valuable insights into a candidate’s abilities and attitudes, delivering information on their likely responses to specific, work-related factors.

Reference Checking

You really should know who you’re dealing with, before they’re employed. Our reference checking goes well beyond the industry standard, covering multiple formal and informal references stages.

Not only do we confirm the competency of your prospective employee, we also glean information to help you understand what motivates your new employee to thrive.

Follow Up

The first 4-6 weeks of a new employee’s journey are critical. That’s when they decide whether they have a future in your organisation, how they feel about your company and long-lasting impressions are formed.

Hastings stays in touch with you and your new employee long after the placement is made. Regular and non-invasive check-ins are conducted to ensure all parties are happy with the outcome. This means any issues can be rectified promptly and positively.