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Who we are

Hastings is redefining best practice in a uniquely innovative Hospitality & Leisure Recruitment Consultancy, operating at Executive, Specialist and Senior Management levels.

Our unique candidate sourcing strategy, skills evaluation process and post-placement care mean Hastings delivers a simply more effective, efficient and satisfying recruitment experience for our valued clients and exceptional candidates. 

Unlike traditional recruiters, Hastings also provides time and money-saving retention strategies and specialist HR services for operations of all sizes.

Our Purpose

For the right candidate, the position on offer must be more than just a way to make money. They want to be more than just a name on an org chart – they should add value, passion and fulfilment. Too often, this fundamental criterion is ignored in recruitment.

Hastings provides informed and objective advice to both candidates and clients, aligning their motivations with the employer’s goals. Our fulfilment is created by positive results that totally satisfy both our clients and candidates.

 To achieve this, we are objective and unashamedly honest.

Latest News 

back of house podcast
episode 10


Training within hospitality venues is a task often executed poorly or not at all, Kent Anderson is seeking to change that. Kent talks Luke Butler and Michael Rodrigues about the frustrations that drove him to form Kan-Do Academy, an app based training platform for the industry.

back of house podcast
episode 9


Mark Jensen is a published author, acclaimed chef and sustainability advocate, leading the kitchen at Sydney institution Red Lantern. Together with his business partners, Mark has built a restaurant with a menu rarely changes, which is testament to the fact that product, together with hospitable service, are the key ingredients to surviving in what is a very challenging industry.

back of house podcast
episode 8


Luke Butler and Michael Rodrigues speak with Dushan Zaric; one of the founders of Employees Only. Dushan possesses a refreshing outlook on life within the hospitality industry, and the ideology that has underpinned the creation of the global Employee’s Only brand is truly inspirational.

back of house podcast
episode 7


Luke Butler and Michael Rodrigues speak with Jason Crawley; a household name within the global drinks industry.
They discuss Jason’s journey to worldwide recognition plus there’s a special visit from fellow industry legend -Mike Enright.