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Kate Hemat-Siraky (nee Tones), Director Zest People Solutions

Kate Hemat-Siraky (nee Tones), Director Zest People Solutions

by Luke Butler

Kate Hemat Siraky

​As a self-proclaimed "people person", Kate Hemat-Siraky is one of the lucky ones who has always known what she wanted to do in life: to work with people.

After an impressive career in People Experience (she hates the term HR), gravitating toward the food, beverage, hospitality, sport & events space, Kate decided to move back to the Sunshine Coast to open her own business, Zest People Solutions.

The thought process was that if she applied the same stamina and grit to her own thing, surely it couldn't fail. And in fact, she has never been busier!

Still working firmly in the hospitality industry, Kate also finds much of her work coaching people from different sectors and levels, from journalists, scientists, software engineers, sommeliers, and people & culture professionals.

In today's episode, Kate divulges pearls of wisdom around post-COVID dynamic changes, labour shortages, the importance of and steps to excellent employee experience, "Why Statements", human-centred design and strength-based leadership.

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