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Paul Waterson on The Re-opening of Hospitality

Paul Waterson on The Re-opening of Hospitality

by Luke Butler

Paul Waterson, Applejack Hospitality

Paul Waterson, the Chief Executive Officer of Australian Venue Co. (AVC) has driven the group’s rapid growth. He has steered it from a small Victorian pub group, to one of the country’s largest and most dynamic hospitality organisations. We talked to Paul on the Back of House Podcast last year and, considering his depth of insight, we have brought him back to discuss the re-opening of the hospitality sector.

Paul has a CV boasting previous roles as Chief Operating Officer of Dixon Hospitality, and General Manager positions at Spotless and Healthscope. He has brought both acute business acumen and strong corporate management from outside the hospitality industry to AVC, which has been instrumental in the company’s successful, rapid growth and is pivotal in its continued success.

Being a large scale operator, Paul has extensive knowledge as an industry leader. With a total of 170 pubs and bars, Australian Venue Co. has had to navigate unprecedented times as 42 of its Victorian venues were again forced into a second lockdown. In the latest episode of Back of House, we discuss some of the tangible processes that are aimed at facilitating the process of re-opening.

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