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Introducing Hastings Academy

Introducing Hastings Academy

by Luke Butler

Hastings Academy

​We have been discussing the talent shortage in the hospitality sector for many years, well before COVID arrived. Rather than continuing to just talk about it, we decided that we would do something about it by encouraging more people at a grass-roots level, to 'find their place' in hospitality. So, the Hastings People team is excited to launch Hastings Academy; a free, weekly training program designed to provide fully or moderately inexperienced individuals, with a level of skill that will enable them to start building their career in the industry that we love.

Led by the legendary Tara Sullivan, these sessions will teach targeted, practical skills to anyone who is eager to learn, and we will help participants secure a role within the industry. This is not a money making exercise for us. There is no charge to attend the training or for businesses who hire trainees. Furthermore, all businesses are welcome to send their staff to any of these sessions.

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