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Back of House Podcast | Paul Waterson, Australian Venue Co. | Episode 22

Back of House Podcast | Paul Waterson, Australian Venue Co. | Episode 22

by Luke Butler

Paul Waterson, Australian Venue Co

The most recent guest on the Back of House podcast is Paul Waterson, CEO of Australian Venue Co. and fierce ally of the Night Time Industries Association. Starting his career as a nurse, Paul went on to play a pivotal role at Spotless before building AVC from the ground up, propelling the company to scale and prominence at a rapid pace. 

In the chat, Michael Rodrigues and Hastings' MD, Luke Butler  discuss with Paul the work he's done alongside the Night Time Industries Association, actively shaping government policy to the benefit of operators and hospitality employees, as restrictions begin to ease. It is work that advocates for ongoing support and resource allocation for hospitality operators who will likely continue to feel the impacts of COVID-19 for months to come, particularly in CBD locations.

Paul provides a transparent account of AVC's financial performance, organisational structure and acquisition strategy which remains unchanged despite the pandemic. 

It was an insightful and informative chat that describes the challenges being faced by a company trading across several states with varying restrictions in each.

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