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Our 2020 Vision

Our 2020 Vision

by Emma Green


The new decade has certainly had a dramatic and fiery start. 2020 began at the same frenetic pace that ended 2019.

The trends that emerged last year will continue to evolve. The talent shortage is showing no signs of easing and for hospitality candidates, there are more options than ever.

Making the move into retail, sales, media or property is now a genuine option for those seeking a career-shift. Hastings has placed a number of hospitality leaders into these sectors over the past year in both Executive and Specialist positions. 

Unfortunately for employers, these increased opportunities are putting more pressure on the already short talent pool, further extending recruitment process timelines.

Additionally, ‘wages theft’ incidents involving a number of major entities during 2019 will keep working conditions in the spotlight for many corporations. Businesses are now focusing on their compliance to protect and improve their employment brand. In a talent-short climate, this will create a strategic advantage for these employers.

At Hastings, our 2020 will focus on the continued consolidation of our unique leadership position in the Australian domestic market while we also drive further into Asia and beyond.

We’re also excited to be introducing a digital platform that will provide market leading candidate evaluation for our clients.

The dominant factor this year will once again be the talent shortage. Businesses that move quickly while applying robust processes and focusing on their employment brand will secure the secure top candidates.