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HR HQ - HR Solutions for Business

HR HQ - HR Solutions for Business

by Emma Green

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In today’s commercial climate, it’s becoming increasingly important for businesses to have a robust HR system implemented to ensure they are compliant.

Not only will this ensure a business is protected against potential legal repercussions associated with non-compliance, the positive impacts of a strategic HR plan will also drive outcomes such as staff attraction & retention, reduced wages and general productivity.

The challenge for most businesses lies in their ability to create, implement and manage a complete HR function as it is expensive, time-consuming and requires a great deal of expertise. 

To solve this challenge, Hastings People offers HR HQ – an outsourced HR and Recruitment function – a comprehensive and cost-effective solution with flexible packages tailored to suit the needs of your business.

We will act as your internal HR team, working with key stakeholders and gaining a deep understanding of your business, culture and recruitment objectives.

Hastings boasts a team of skilled Recruitment and Human Resource professionals with combined decades of experience in dealing with all HR matters and recruitment.

Packages include access to expert HR advice, policy audit and compliance, payroll audit, performance management framework, training and procedure development, redundancies and terminations, creation of HR documents and templates including contracts, immigration matters and visas, coupled with ongoing recruitment for an identified number of staff per year.

The cost of HR HQ depends on the needs and size of your business. You can feel secure knowing that all your HR matters are being tended to by highly experienced specialists.

Reach out for an initial conversation on HR HQ and the many ways it could help your business.